Why you should exclude the generator when selling a home?

Due to load shedding, most customers try and alleviate the power interruptions with some sort of solution including installing generators. With regards to the Deed of Sale when selling the property and issuing an Electrical inspection and COC ( Electrical Certificates of Compliance ) for the property, SANS does not allow some generators to be connected to the Electrical Distribution Board. Electrical Inspection COC SANS states in that no 230 v VOV earth connection generator with centre tab shall be connected to a fixed installation.

Most mobile generators (ones with wheels, cradle, or carry handle) etc. are probably VOV generators. These generators are designed for use with insulated appliances, tools and other temporary uses and are not to be connected to a Distribution Board as per the Electrical Inspection Certificate ( Electrical COC ) and SANS due to earthing arrangements.

They do not have earth polarity and will cause the safety equipment like the Earth Leakage not to function properly as required by the Electrical COC inspection.

It is important to manage the buyer’s expectations that if the generator is a mobile unit, it is to be excluded and disconnected. Unless the seller is willing to upgrade or modify the generator/supply to a point where it is compliant and an Electrical COC can be issued when selling the property.